[FoRK] Is old-school tech (ASCII, etc) for kids "tough love"?

Matt Jensen <mattj at newsblip.com> on Fri May 11 15:35:53 PDT 2007

I have this feeling, rather than an argument, that it would be better*  
for a [future geek] kid to learn technology in a somewhat historical  
way, starting with older tech and then moving on to newer tech.  I'm  
very interested in forksters' thoughts.

For example, I'm still looking for a programming environment to  
introduce my kid to.  In the Logo space, there are "classic" text-only  
Logos, and then there's Star Logo TNG [1], which includes a  
Lego-block-style GUI, where code snippets are snapped together.  Which  
would be better?

The same goes with using a tape recorder before getting into digital  
editing.  Or doing claymation before doing 3D rendering. Etc...

I'm trying to figure out what's making me lean toward pushing  
old-school technology before cutting edge stuff.  Honestly, part of it  
*is* sort of "because I had to suffer, and so should they."  I mean  
that in the sense that only by living in the old tech, before you  
really know the new tech, can you both a) appreciate the value in its  
simplicity, and b) appreciate what you're gaining by moving forward.   
You'd be excited if you moved from a 16MHz machine to a 2GHz machine.   
But if your old man started you on a 2GHz and then said "now try  
living on this 16MHz for a month", you'd be pretty annoyed, I'm  

Again, my thoughts on this are very unformed, so I'm really interested  
in comments.

-Matt Jensen

* - to be defined
[1] - http://education.mit.edu/starlogo-tng

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