[FoRK] Godless

strata at virtual.net <strata at virtual.net> on Fri May 11 16:09:51 PDT 2007

Honestly, Jeff, knock it off on the religion stuff. 

The way some of you folks express your belief in the absolute superiority of 
capitalism and the 'invisible hand' of the marketplace, in light of numerous 
evidence to the contrary, is just as 'nutso' (as you so tactfully put it).

Please explain the glorious healing and balancing effect of the unfettered 
marketplace to the parents of the kids that died so somebody could make a few 
more bucks selling "glycerin TD" that was poison, or to the owners of the pets 
that died ditto for grain with poisonous additives that made it score higher in 
apparent protein and command a higher price.

"Oh, but now everybody will be more cautious, and we won't buy, or we'll do 
tests, etc etc"   is what I imagine some of the die-hards here saying.  Suuuuure, 
and factored across the sum total of the extent of human civilization that may 
or may not be the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number.  Proof by lack of a 
counterexample does not constitute proof.  In the meantime, chasing the 
dollar/yen/ruble/kwatloo at the expense of currently-intangibles like life and 
the environment will keep the death toll rising.

There's a story in the Heart Sutra about a sage and his friend, a poet studying 
Buddhism.  The poet asks, "what do I look like to you?" and the sage says, "you 
look like a sitting buddha".  "That's too bad," replies the poet, "since you look to 
me like a pile of s**t! ha ha ha!"   The sage smiles.   "Why aren't you angry?" 
asks the poet.  The sage replies, "Because when we look at another person, we 
think we see the other person, but really we see a mirror of our inmost selves."

Anybody who is so determined to classify others as crackpot-unsanes is either 
afraid of someone doing it to them first, or might be one themselves.  Live and 
let live, for Christ/Buddha/HaShem/theFlyingSpaghettiMonster/theFreeMarket's 
sake, will ya?

As St Dogbert says, brandishing his bat^H^H^H wand, "Don't make me come 
over there!"


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