[FoRK] Forex opportunities and kwatloos?

Aaron Burt <aaron at bavariati.org> on Fri May 11 17:56:39 PDT 2007

On Fri, May 11, 2007 at 07:16:19PM -0500, Jeff Bone wrote:
> On May 11, 2007, at 6:09 PM, <strata at virtual.net> wrote:
> >In the meantime, chasing the dollar/yen/ruble/kwatloo at the expense
> >of currently-intangibles  like life and the environment will keep the
> >death toll rising.

Greedy people won't stop being greedy.  All you can do is reduce their
ability (and incentives) to do harm.  It's one thing we invented
governments for.

> By the way, if I hadn't mentioned it before, I've been in the AI- 
> meets-currency-trading business for going on three years now.

Had a control-theory prof who was trying to get his brighter students
(i.e. not me) into working on automated trading.  
It was all just simpleminded digital low-pass filters hand-tuned to
yield good returns on historical data.  

He's still teaching.

Your setup must be miles beyond that, enit?

Someday we'll have corporate bylaws written in Perl,

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