[FoRK] Godless

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Fri May 11 18:02:46 PDT 2007

On 5/11/07, strata at virtual.net <strata at virtual.net> wrote:
> The way some of you folks express your belief in the absolute superiority of
> capitalism and the 'invisible hand' of the marketplace, in light of numerous
> evidence to the contrary, is just as 'nutso' (as you so tactfully put it).

That definitely falls in my personal criteria for the True Believers
status. The real True Believers of the Free Market need to be just as
honest about the down sides of the system as Christians owning up to
the fact that they are totally ok with damning people to hell.

Honesty, its not all shinny lights and goodness, many times its fecal
encrusted and rather stinky.

> There's a story in the Heart Sutra about a sage and his friend, a poet studying
> Buddhism.  The poet asks, "what do I look like to you?" and the sage says, "you
> look like a sitting buddha".  "That's too bad," replies the poet, "since you look to
> me like a pile of s**t! ha ha ha!"   The sage smiles.   "Why aren't you angry?"
> asks the poet.  The sage replies, "Because when we look at another person, we
> think we see the other person, but really we see a mirror of our inmost selves."

Do we all get whacked with sticks now? I like that part....basho Basho.


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