[FoRK] God's Lobby - religious funding by the fed

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Sat May 12 15:55:28 PDT 2007


"Religious organizations have long competed for federal contracts to
provide social services, and they have tried to influence Congress on
matters of moral and social policy — indeed, most major denominations
have a presence in Washington to monitor such legislation. But an
analysis of federal records shows that some religious organizations
are also hiring professional lobbyists to pursue the narrowly tailored
individual appropriations known as earmarks.

A New York Times analysis shows that the number of earmarks for
religious organizations, while small compared with the overall number,
have increased sharply in recent years. From 1989 to January 2007,
Congress approved almost 900 earmarks for religious groups, totaling
more than $318 million, with more than half of them granted in the
Congressional session that included the 2004 presidential election. By
contrast, the same analysis showed fewer than 60 earmarks for
faith-based groups in the Congressional session that covered 1997 and
1998. "

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