Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Tue May 22 20:45:16 PDT 2007

Good points.  You are right, generally.  Some of us have felt the heat 
plenty and are rebuilding risk points and strategizing for another go, 
sitting on a board, riding out the little waves, watching for a big one 
that we like.

That covers startups, etc.  On the other hand, sometimes you can 
recognize and leverage tipping points without it being an all-out 
all-consuming venture.  Well constructed mime infections and tools, a la 
Harry Seldon [1] and Republican methods of renaming-to-bias, can make a 
crucial difference.

Are we so equipped?  Maybe.

More likely, some of us will determine useful goals and just work toward 
them, more or less, as individuals.  We should, however, explore the 
group / cooperative thing if there's interest.

[1] http://www.humanistsofutah.org/1996/artaug96.htm


J. Andrew Rogers wrote:
> ...
> I would refute a tacit assumption you are making with the following 
> observation:  almost no one is as interesting, intelligent, 
> disciplined, and ambitious in meatspace as they appear to be when 
> chatting on a mailing list.  Real evil conspiracies do not survive 
> weak links and require a very special kind of person, though any old 
> sociopath will work in a pinch.  Most people on this list are Evil 
> Conspiracy material in the same way that most people are Startup 
> Entrepreneur material; just about everyone thinks they have the mettle 
> required, but few actually do or survive long enough to learn their 
> lessons and develop it.  Naturally, no one here thinks I'm talking 
> about them, myself included. ;-)
> Another observation I'd make is that people who are getting things 
> done never have time to talk about it.  And when they do talk about 
> it, it is usually toward some larger end.  In short, plotting the 
> ultimate future of the human race involves working with people not 
> prone to idle chitchat.  Just me writing this email means that 
> innocent kittens will die and beer will go flat when it did not have 
> to be that way.  Seriously, my most productive Conspiracy Approved 
> times have been when I'm completely focused on getting things done 
> rather than focusing on talking about Conspiracy; I still talk, but it 
> is implementation and strategic planning of elements.  No one will be 
> laughing when I corner the Internet Pet Food market.
> In short, if you are deadly serious then this is the wrong forum.  
> Long-term implementation requires consistent and unrelenting 
> execution, which requires all sorts of tedium not well suited for a 
> mailing list.  IMHO, of course.
> Cheers,
> J. Andrew Rogers
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