[FoRK] God is a Big Jerk

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Thu May 24 09:11:32 PDT 2007

Funny, but not at all useful as a review of the book, I'm guessing  
the cartoonist and his friend only read the first few pages.   
"Chaucerian frauds" indeed, though.  That got a chuckle...

Yeah, Hitchens is a bit puffy.  But I figure this rounds out all the  
various overlapping magisteria of possible critique, along with  
Dawkins and Harris and the various second-tier participants.  At the  
least Hitchens speaks with a deeper literary and historical  
appreciation and therefore sharper critique of his various dogmatic  
targets and their respective mythopoesis.  But yes, you occasionally  
need a machete and a whiteboard (on which to "diagram" the sentence  
structures involved) to whack your way past the extraneous verbage to  
the meaning...

"With the completion of this epic endeavor, or tome as one might have  
it, and all my strenuous though not to say (one would hope) ponderous  
or even pendulous efforts to its end, it would perhaps seem to some  
that the loquacious constituency has now been, harumph, ah,  
definitively, as one might have it  --- spoken for, as such.  So to  
speak and whatnot, and if you please, where are my cucumber  
sandwiches?  A cup of the earl straightaway, my good mammal, or I  
fear that I must immediately expire!  Oh, have I perchance happened  
to mention at any previous point in the discourse that I am a, yes,  
former, that is to say once was but am no longer, Marxist?  Ah, but  
for that fair, failed dream of my brighter youth.  More of these  
delightful finger sandwiches, if you please, good mammal.  Ah yes.   
Ahem."  (My own impression of Hitchens.)



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