[FoRK] Re: FoRK Digest, Vol 43, Issue 23

Ian Andrew Bell <hello at ianbell.com> on Fri May 25 09:09:45 PDT 2007

Ah, but it was not too long ago that Raina Kishor wanted more, More,  
MORE of what we're good for -- issuing the delicate plea:

"can't you send me pictures?"   ... just this past Christmas!


Please tell us, Raina Kishor, what you would use us for!


On 25-May-07, at 8:21 AM, Lucas Gonze wrote:

> On 5/25/07, Joe Barrera <joe-fork at barrera.org> wrote:
>> Raina Kishor wrote:
>> >  stop sending me ur messages.
>> no.
>> _______________________________________________
>> FoRK mailing list
>> http://xent.com/mailman/listinfo/fork
> Raina, what are you thinking?  This is not a rhetorical question.  You
> signed up for these messages, so how come you're so confused?
> First off, you obviously didn't know what a mailing list was when you
> signed up, and you did it anyway.  That wasn't a good idea, was it?
> Second, you weren't able to figure out what was going on from context
> once the list messages started flowing your way.  It's really not that
> hard.  Down at the bottom of every single one of those messages that
> were tormenting you was the tagline:
> FoRK mailing list
> http://xent.com/mailman/listinfo/fork
> If you were a more literate person, not to say literary, you would
> have gotten some kind of clue from the text saying "mailing list".
> And if you were a more technical person you would have gone to the URL
> in that tagline and figured out what was going on from the text.  (A
> "url" is one of those thingies that starts "http://" (that's like one
> of those thingies that starts "www." (Right, it's "a code"))).
> So many missed opportunities to get a clue!  And then at the end of
> this all, your plea out into the ether! Somebody has to help me!  Mom?
> Dad?  Grandpa?  Anybody?  Hey you over there, Stranger By The Bus
> Stop, make the pain go away!  Hm, that didn't work.  I'll try again:
> Hey you over there, stranger who has no idea that I even exist, MAKE
> THE PAIN GO AWAY!!!  Still no luck.  You stroke your chin.  Maybe you
> are in a dream.
> "stop sending me ur messages." -- poignant in its blazing dumbness.
> Which "u" did you want to do it?  Me?  Tom?  RK?  Friends of?  Is that
> singular or plural?  Is it addressed to people who have actually
> posted to the list during the time that you have been vexed by it, or
> is it also for the lurkers who receive your mail without ever having
> sent you a message?  What should people do who haven't sent you
> messages yet?
> Now you see what my question meant, I hope: what exactly the hell were
> you thinking, Raina?
> _______________________________________________
> FoRK mailing list
> http://xent.com/mailman/listinfo/fork


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