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Rohit Khare <rohit at khare.org> on Fri May 25 12:18:13 PDT 2007

Anyone going? I'm tapped out, and can't see making any more trips...RK
ps.  includes a keynote by Mani Chandy.

Conf program: http://debs.msrg.utoronto.ca/program.shtml
>       Efficient Distributed Subtyping Tests
>       TERA: Topic-based Event Routing for peer-to-peer Architectures
>       The Arbitrary Boolean Publish/Subscribe Model: Making the Case
>       Modeling the Communication Costs of Content-based Routing:  
> The Case of Subscription Forwarding
>       SpiderCast: A Scalable Interest-Aware Overlay for Topic-Based  
> Pub/Sub Communication
>       On Adding Replies to Publish-Subscribe
>       Seamless Formal Verification of Complex Event Processing  
> Applications
>       Prefix Forwarding for Publish/Subscribe
>       Scalable Event Matching for Overlapping Subscriptions in Pub/ 
> Sub Systems
>       An Efficient Demand-Driven and Density-Controlled Publish/ 
> Subscribe Protocol for Mobile Environments
>       Encryption-Enforced Access Control in Dynamic Multi-Domain  
> Publish/Subscribe Networks
>       Concepts and Models for Typing Events for Event-Based Systems
>       Persisting and Querying Biometric Event Streams with Hybrid  
> Relational-XML DBMS
>       A Taxonomy for Denial of Service Attacks in Content-based  
> Publish/Subscribe Systems
>       Event-Driven Rules For Sensing and Responding To Business  
> Situations
>       Software Architecture Using Fine-grained Event-driven  
> Reactive Components
>       Temporal Order Optimizations of Incremental Joins for  
> Composite Event Detection
>       A QoS Policy Configuration Modeling Language for Publish/ 
> Subscribe Middleware Platforms
>       Embedded Complex Event Processing for Pervasive Devices
>       High Frequency Distributed Data Stream Event Correlation to  
> Improve Neonatal Clinical Management
>       Adapting Publish-Subscribe to Routing Demands
>       Towards a Common API for Publish/Subscribe
>       A Practical Approach for Enabling Online Analysis of Event  
> Streams
>       Chained Forests for Fast Subsumption Matching
>       Identification of Suspicious, Unknown Event Patterns in an  
> Event Cloud
>       Modelling Performance Optimizations for Content-based Publish/ 
> Subscribe
>       REX, the Rule and Event eXplorer
>       A System for Semantic Data Fusion in Sensor Networks
>       Historic Data Access in Publish/Subscribe

Found at http://rulecore.com/espblog/?p=230

Inaugural International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems  
(DEBS 2007)
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Inaugural International Conference on
Distributed Event-Based Systems (DEBS 2007)

Toronto, Canada, June 20-22, 2007

In cooperation with:
Sponsorship from: CA Labs (Main Sponsor), HP Labs (Silver Sponsor),  
and MiTACS

*** NOTE: The early registration deadline is on May 25, 2007 ***

We invite you to attend the Inaugural International Conference on  
Distributed Event-Based Systems (DEBS) to be held from June 20-22,  
2007 in Toronto, Canada. The DEBS Conference is following on the  
success of the previous five DEBS Workshops held from 2002 to 2006 in  
companion with major conferences sponsored by IEEE and ACM such as  

Event-based systems have been established in industry and research  
for many years. They are now gaining increasing momentum as witnessed  
by current efforts in areas including event-driven architectures,  
business process management and modeling, Grid computing, Web  
services notifications, and message-oriented middleware. DEBS wants  
to serve as a focal point to this vital, fast-growing community.

Technical Program

The conference will feature a strong, single-track technical program
consisting of:

Keynotes and invited speakers

     * “Mythbusters: Event Stream Processing Versus Complex Event  
Processing” Tim Bass, TIBCO Software, USA
     * “Towards a Theory of Events” K. Mani Chandy, California  
Institute of Technology, USA
     * “Semantic Approach to Event Processing” Opher Etzion, IBM  
Research Haifa, Israel
     * “Architect’s Dream or Developer’s Nightmare?” Gregor Hohpe,  
Google, USA
     * “The Little and Large of Publish/Subscribe - Ever the Twain  
Shall Meet?” Joe Sventek, University of Glasgow, Scotland

14 full and 10 short research papers covering a wide-range of aspects  
of distributed event-based systems including:

     * Peer-to-peer and overlay networks
     * Routing and matching
     * Concepts, models and software engineering techniques
     * Quality-of-Service and security aspects
     * Complex event processing, composite events and event streams
     * Mobile and pervasive computing and sensor networks using events
     * Applications for event-based systems
     * 5 industry and demo presentations
     * A panel discussion

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