Strawberry Fields Forever Re: [FoRK] invasion was much better than Cats lets do it again and again

Gordon Mohr <gojomo at> on Fri May 25 21:22:12 PDT 2007

Tom Higgins wrote:
> The sad truth is without these subsidies most of if not all the
> smaller farms would be hurting more so then they are now, for all the
> work those people do most of them are barely making a living.  Other
> than running multiple farms, such as the way the fella we are renting
> out land out to is operating, being a megacorp or going the
> organic/boutique/specialty type operation  I do not see why folks
> would ever continue farming. Yes I have met folks who truly love it,
> the land and working it but it is a tough living.

If we are spending tens of billions of dollars on farm subsidies to 
provide this 'small farmer' constituency with the rustic, hardscrabble 
experience they crave, might it not it be cheaper to just build them a 
giant theme park?

Or perhaps, in a few years, we could efficiently bind them into a 
virtual 'farming Matrix', where they can live their dream at less cost 
to the rest of society.

- Gordon

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