[FoRK] Is Political Fragmentation really a problem?

Albert S. <albert.scherbinsky at rogers.com> on Mon May 28 17:32:37 PDT 2007

--- Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:

> On May 28, 2007, at 5:13 PM, Albert S. wrote:
> > I don't think the particular problems of the
> Balkan
> > region are relevant to the current discussion. The
> > etymology of the word 'Balkanization' is
> semantically
> > irrelevant to it's use. It has come to mean
> > generically 'Political Fragmentation'. If you
> insist
> > on the word 'Balkanization' carrying all the
> baggage
> > of the Balkans then I insist we stop using the
> word
> > and use 'Political Fragmentation' instead.
> And I insist that you not put words in my mouth.  I
> chose the term in  
> question very deliberately.

You chose to associate the particular baggage of the
Balkans with the discussion. I suggest you more
carefully chose the words you put in your mouth.

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