[FoRK] Condoms and condiments

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Mon May 28 18:18:02 PDT 2007

J:  "Condoms aren't a problem, it's the lack of them that's a problem."

A:  "I say, condiments are not a problem!"

J:  "What's that?"

A:  "Mustard.  Ketchup.  All that.  Just fine, thank you!"

J:  "What's that got to do with condoms?"

A:  "Perhaps you could be more specific.  Which condiments?  What's  
the problem with them?"

J:  "Uh... huh.  Well, as I was saying, condoms --- or really the  
restricted availability thereof --- are a problem."

A:  "What have you got against condiments?  Answer the question!"

J:  "What the fuck are you talking about?"

A:  "I like mustard."

J:  "That's wonderful.  Catch up..."

A:  "What have you got against ketchup?  You're such a hater."

J:  "Nothing!  I like it!  I have no problem with ketchup!  Or mustard!"

A:  "Then why did you say you had a problem with it, er, them?"

J:  "I didn't, I said condoms were the problem..."

A:  "There you go again!"

J:  "...or rather, not the problem themselves, it's the lack of them  
that's the problem!"

A:  "And what about the mayonnaise?!?!?  Huh?  What about THAT?"

J:  <shoots self in head>

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