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Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Tue May 29 07:03:12 PDT 2007

Gordon Mohr wrote:
> Not sure I get the point. What's the Linux app you need to run
> under Windows, with a Windows look-and-feel?
I think the look and feel thing is just an aspect of what they're doing 
that would only work for libraries where they have been able to 
substitute, wrap, modify the standard versions.  They mention Gnome.  
KDE would be another obvious choice.  Maybe they are doing something 
unusual and clever.

The point is to turn the Linux binary environment into a portable 
VM-like development target.  It seems a minor goal to run current 
applications and a major goal to create a Java-like development target 
for future applications, including enterprise and commercial applications.
> Also, their FAQ #1 seems to misunderstand the GPL:
> "Q: What license is LINA released under?
> A: LINA is dual licensed. For non-commercial users, LINA is
> available under the GNU General Public License, Version 2. If you
> wish to use it commercially, please contact us to find out more
> about the LINA commercial license."
> If there's a limitation against commercial use, it's not really the GPL.
I agree it's questionable.  I've seen other products try to do the same 
thing.  When they are development libraries, they can straddle licenses 
that way.  When it is a server or environment, it's far more strained.  
Possibly you need to wrap an application in an environment that includes 
their code.  If you interpret that as linking with libraries, etc., then 
possibly you have a library license situation.

> - Gordon
> Stephen D. Williams wrote:
>> Well, I'll be...
>> I will be interested to see exactly how they implemented and managed 
>> certain things, including GUI library nativization, how much of the 
>> Linux kernel is there, networking, shared memory, etc.
>> Looks impressive based on what's currently public.  Excellent 
>> licensing plan.  Interesting features.  If they truly create a proper 
>> VM environment for security purposes, this could be very cool.  
>> Conveniently, the Intel instruction set has now won.  (Whoever at 
>> Intel figured out how to give CISC instructions the benefits of RISC 
>> (by creating internal RISC instructions to pipeline during 
>> instruction decoding) should be given some big accolades.)
>> http://www.openlina.com
>> Is anyone connected to these guys?
>> sdw
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