[FoRK] Is Political Fragmentation really a problem?

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Tue May 29 08:41:38 PDT 2007

On 5/28/07, Albert S. <albert.scherbinsky at rogers.com> wrote:
> Please do unsubscribe me, it will save me from having
> to do it myself.

So was this whole thread an example of a "reason based" society?

umm, yeah.

(just for the record, I personally had no problem with what Jeff was
saying re Balkanization etc etc. I did think the name calling and
banter were a bit sub par , there was no build up, the heel/face set
up was rushed and there was never a point where I felt this could be a
shoot posing as a job being acted out as a shoot.....you have to work
on that some fellas)


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