[FoRK] Verizon DSL wireless woes...

Corinna <corinna.schultz at gmail.com> on Tue May 29 09:23:06 PDT 2007


I never thought I'd say this, but I think SBC DSL was much better. Or at least,
the equipment they provided was much better.

Verizon DSL doesn't like it when I hibernate my laptop. So I have to completely
shutdown every time. When I bring it back up, I also have to reboot the modem.
And then it takes forever to establish the connecttion. Plus it's slower than
SBC was. Bleh.

Verizon can't help me configure my old wireless router/modem. The tech very
nicely explained that they were not trained to support 2Wire, and that he could
not give me the technical details I needed (prototcol-related numbers, etc). I'm
not sure he understood my question... 

I *don't* want to buy another one, but I have to be able to use my computer in
the other room, and we have 3 computers, so I really want wireless.

Is it possible to set up a bridge using an XP desktop, the wired modem, and the
wireless modem? The desktop has a ethernet and wireless card. I don't have a
first clue how to do this, or if I need any other hardware.

Any hints?

P.S. I'm *loving* the wonderful Portland weather! I actually feel cold
sometimes! In May!

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