[FoRK] Lina

Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Tue May 29 11:22:20 PDT 2007

Gordon Mohr wrote:
> ...
> I can see that being interesting... but there is so much happening 
> with full virtualization, I wonder if the LINA approach will be as 
> robust/maintainable/honest as simply virtually running a mainline 
> Linux distro when needed.
> For example, Parallels for running Windows on Macs has a 'coherence' 
> mode where the Windows desktop disappears and the Windows app windows 
> mix freely on the native desktop (though not with Mac look-n-feel). If 
> such an option were available for Linux-on-Windows -- and it's only a 
> matter of time if it is not already -- wouldn't that be nicer than 
> LINA? More powerful at less risk?
The difference is between having a heavyweight alternate environment, 
taking tens of GB of space and taking deliberate installation effort, 
and getting and installing an application CD or download like any other 
and immediately starting to use it with no planning, sysadmin work, 
etc.  That's what they are after, based on the web site and their first 
video demo.  The former can be handled by savvy users, the latter by anyone.
>  - Gordon


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