[FoRK] Lina

Bob Ippolito <bob at redivi.com> on Tue May 29 11:29:26 PDT 2007

On 5/29/07, Gordon Mohr <gojomo at boxbe.com> wrote:
> Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> > Gordon Mohr wrote:
> >> Not sure I get the point. What's the Linux app you need to run
> >> under Windows, with a Windows look-and-feel?
> > I think the look and feel thing is just an aspect of what they're doing
> > that would only work for libraries where they have been able to
> > substitute, wrap, modify the standard versions.  They mention Gnome.
> > KDE would be another obvious choice.  Maybe they are doing something
> > unusual and clever.
> >
> > The point is to turn the Linux binary environment into a portable
> > VM-like development target.  It seems a minor goal to run current
> > applications and a major goal to create a Java-like development target
> > for future applications, including enterprise and commercial applications.
> I can see that being interesting... but there is so much happening with
> full virtualization, I wonder if the LINA approach will be as
> robust/maintainable/honest as simply virtually running a mainline Linux
> distro when needed.
> For example, Parallels for running Windows on Macs has a 'coherence'
> mode where the Windows desktop disappears and the Windows app windows
> mix freely on the native desktop (though not with Mac look-n-feel). If
> such an option were available for Linux-on-Windows -- and it's only a
> matter of time if it is not already -- wouldn't that be nicer than LINA?
> More powerful at less risk?

I think their "claim to fame" is maintaining native look and feel. I
really don't see how they can do that in the general case, you'll
probably be forced into using some particular GUI toolkit. For
command-line apps that's not relevant, but they're also not very
interesting. I guess we'll see in a few weeks.

Another alternative would be using something like Adobe's Apollo
platform, which is only interesting for new applications but certainly
gives you a richer feature set since it's basically a whole
web/multimedia stack in a low footprint VM.


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