Strawberry Fields Forever Re: [FoRK] invasion was much better than Cats lets do it again and again

Jeff Bone <jbone at> on Wed May 30 06:47:34 PDT 2007

On May 30, 2007, at 1:17 AM, Strata R. Chalup wrote:

> Whoa, whoa, whoa... My friend the D key has been doing too much  
> reading FoRK for me.   Tom, Jeff B, are you saying that small  
> farmers are the problem, rather than the solution?!

Actually, I have a soft spot in my heart for small farmers.  And many  
small farmers who know how to market themselves properly do quite  
well financially, without all the subsidies.  Hell, my current  
company --- yes, a trading company --- is actually located in the  
Whole Foods corporate world headquarters.  I ride the elevators with  
their buyers every day.  I'm a big fan of the entrepreneurial trader  
that actually makes it work and doesn't rely on massive agrarian  

It's more the kind of farmer that I grew up around --- and really,  
the kinds of subsidies and infinite local-bank credit lines that they  
depend on --- that I have a problem with:  the "medium scale" farmer  
that owns an ass-load of semi-arable land in some desolate, bullshit  
BFE place like Littlefield, Texas.  These farmers own thousands of  
acres and receive huge influxes of cash from the government;  their  
kids drive brand-new high-dollar cars as sophomores in high school  
(yes, age 15 --- "hardship" licenses) and every couple of years they  
just *have* to buy a new half-million dollar tractor.  They live in  
houses that cost upwards of $1M (which, btw, is real money in the  
Texas panhandle) and tend to file bankruptcy about the time their  
first kid needs to go to college.  Then, tired of farming cotton /  
soybeans / GM corn / CREEP grasses / whatever, they decide to try  
their hand at meat --- and build these giant feed lots that are  
absolutely devastating to the local ecosystem --- this after years of  
pumping far more water out of the local aquifers than is acceptable.   
And these feed lots they build stink, a function of way too much  
livestock density;  they stink miles away, in town;  I can't imagine  
what the insides of their million-dollar mansions-on-the-prairie  
smell like, only a 100 yards away from those feed lots.

> This is great, seriously.  Unless you guys are serious.  In which  
> case, all y'are is seriously mistaken, on just about every level  
> imaginable, inside n out of that awesomely invisible Randian market  
> hand shoved up the butt of America's meat-puppet consumers.

You know Strata, I think you're just as dogmatically anti-capitalist  
(read:  nostalgically neo-hippy) as you've accused me of being  

Not *everything* is a *problem* created by free markets.


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