Strawberry Fields Forever Re: [FoRK] invasion was much betterthan Cats lets

Russell Turpin <deafbox at> on Wed May 30 08:25:46 PDT 2007

Jeff Bone writes:
>It's more the kind of farmer that I grew up around --- and really,  the 
>kinds of subsidies and infinite local-bank credit lines that they  depend 
>on --- that I have a problem with:  the "medium scale" farmer  that owns an 
>ass-load of semi-arable land in some desolate, bullshit BFE place like 
>Littlefield, Texas. ..

You can take the boy out of Littlefield, but the cowshit never quite...
well, never mind. ;-)

I'll add one more comment to this debate: I love the produce aisle. My
own strong suspicion is that if we cut agricultural subsidies to zero
tomorrow, it would not affect one iota the range, quality, availability,
or price of mangoes, blueberries, cantelope, grapefruit, apples,
potatoes, corn, or any other item grown in the ground that eventually
makes its way to our groceries.

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