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Strata R. Chalup <strata at> on Wed May 30 10:46:42 PDT 2007

Jeff Bone wrote:

> Actually, I have a soft spot in my heart for small farmers.  And many  
> small farmers who know how to market themselves properly do quite  well 
> financially, without all the subsidies.  ...

I think we're on the same page here.   Some of the docs I'm thinking of are in 
this WP series:

And their 'small farmer', a grain-only grower with 1500 acres, sounds like the 
kind of person you are talking about.   Whereas when I think 'small farmer', I 
think of the farm with 5 - 50 acres that has a small dairy herd, a truck garden, 
is selling artisan cheese and eggs and pastured meat, etc.  Those kinds of 
'small farms' all over the country, in the thousands, are what used to feed 
places like NYC and make fruits, vegetables, dairy, and eggs affordable for even 
poor families.   The 'Omnivore's Dilemma' guy wrote a great column on this for NYT:

> You know Strata, I think you're just as dogmatically anti-capitalist  
> (read:  nostalgically neo-hippy) as you've accused me of being  Capitalizt.

I disagree.  For one thing, I don't have any hippy experience to wax nostalgic 
about, being a bit young for that.  Nor do I think that peace n love without 
government oversight AND free markets will accomplish diddly-squat.  But if I 
*was* dogmatically anti-capitalist, it wouldn't change the requirement for your 
having your facts, figgers, and statistics ducks in a row before making sweeping 
assertions about stuff.   Just a mild neener there, usually you're not quite so 
quick to jump in vastly uninformed... or it's on threads where I don't know 
enough to figure it out.  ;-)

 > Not *everything* is a *problem* created by free markets.

I don't think that most things are problems created by free markets.  I believe 
that free markets cannot solve problems of a certain type.  Ironically, though, 
my snide remark was more about how we got into this mess, namely the history of 
the Farm Bill, starting with the collapse of grain markets after the 1996 
"Freedom to Farm" act, which in turn sought to rebalance the various idiocies of 
fallow laws, etc.


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