[FoRK] Creative political speech

bitbitch at magnesium.net <bitbitch at magnesium.net> on Thu May 31 14:21:00 PDT 2007


Funny as all hell.  So a group of 25 QUIT (Queers Undermining Israeli
Terrorism) marched into the local starbucks in Berkeley (Of course,
they pick a safe city like Berkeley, but hey, still funny) and
'settle' driving away straights and other prior inhabitants with
supersoakers :)

Incredibly creative, in my opinion. Not terribly violent (I mean, how
much damage can you -really-  do with a supersoaker?) but definintely
a newscatcher.

Its nice to see folks are finding some creative means to make a point.
 Even if you don't -agree- with it, its a hard sell to say that this
 has been done before.

<C'mon... I'm just waiting for the uproar from the Conservatives on the
list ... :-)>

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