[FoRK] Ross Douthat on Secularism (vs. Atheism)

Dr. Ernie Prabhakar <drernie at radicalcentrism.org> on Fri Jun 1 10:46:14 PDT 2007

Hi Tom,

On Jun 1, 2007, at 10:00 AM, Tom Higgins wrote:
> Come on Dr Ernine, I know you do not like the idea but a large enough
> force of religious groups have called a war on both any culture,
> thoughts or people who are not of their body so much so they openly
> call themselves Culture Warriors, Gods Warriors, etc etc etc. It is a
> repugnant position to find yourself stuck in and it should indeed
> cause you a great amount of reflection and thought.

It does.  And far more grief than you can probably imagine.

> Sitting down and shutting up while the missionaries/warriors try to  
> wipe out other
> cultures and systems of thought may be the option of most ease...if
> your on the side of "god".. but for the rest of us it makes very
> little sense to continue to treat this as anything other than what it
> is being called  by the folks who are  swinging the +5 holy maces of
> "STFU and be converted/marginalized/eradicated" (save vs reason)
> You want to attain a state of SOFTness all around? Stop the bombings
> of clinics, the beheading of non believers,  the attack on the
> schools, and the war on non religious culture.
> If you believe in prayer that might be a good thing to pray on,

It is, and I do.

On Jun 1, 2007, at 10:23 AM, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> +10 Blinding Light of Reason (BLR) has overpowered +5 Holy Mace.

Alas, the BLR doesn't seem to have a much better track record than  
the HM. :-(

-- enp

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