[FoRK] Brownback defines science

Elias Sinderson <elias at soe.ucsc.edu> on Fri Jun 1 14:20:44 PDT 2007

Lion Kimbro wrote:
>  [...] Humanity *is* amazing.  And people want leaders who recognize that.
I agree - humanity is amazing. Postulating the existence of a divine 
creator, however, somewhat robs humanity of that which makes it so. It 
is absolutely incredible that the Earth has evolved to sustain the 
complex interdependencies that exist, much (MUCH) more so than if some 
force had simply willed it thus.

I would also assert that butterflies are amazing; salmon are amazing; 
yellow cedars and giant redwoods are amazing; honeybees and ants are 
amazing; orchids, 17-year cicadas and albatross are amazing ... and it 
is precisely the /lack/ of 'purpose' and explicit 'design' which makes 
it ever more so.

Recognizing how amazing it all is certainly does not require religion.

- Elias

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