[FoRK] Brownback defines science

Andy Armstrong <andy at hexten.net> on Fri Jun 1 15:50:59 PDT 2007

On 1 Jun 2007, at 23:32, Lion Kimbro wrote:
>  And you've *got* to fix that disconnect.
>  That means you've got to study what's wrong with your message,
>  listen to what people are hearing from y'all, and re-envisioning your
>  message.

You can't change the message just because people are too fuckwitted  
to understand it you know. That'd be perilously close to cheating.

>  If you're just messaging it the same way, over and over, and
>  it's not working, and you just try shouting it louder--

Halleluiah brother!

>  Well, maybe something will come of it.  Loudness does have a
>  force in itself.  But I think y'all can be a little more *clever*  
> in your
>  messaging, and I think y'all can throw out what is *utterly
>  unnecessary,* and obviously harmful to it.

/me scribbles "Lion says I must be more cleverer"

>  This whole "Y'all a bunch of chimps" business is not necessary,
>  and actually harms the mission.

Let me get all this down. You're saying we should drop all that  
schtick about humans evolving just like all the other icky things?  
It's gone brother. Never liked that bit anyway.

>  You should be able to have an *obviously* life-affirming,  
> celebratory,
>  friendly, joyous message.  As it is, y'all are being interpreted  
> as the
>  exact opposite.

So you don't think "every living thing alive today is the product of  
zillions of mutations across assloads of generations" and "we're all  
direct descendants of the very first living organism" are life  

And the idea that some old dude who resembled Charlton Heston fixed  
up all this stuff for his own unspecified pleasures - you think  
that's a crowd pleaser, right?

Yeah, you're probably right. Maybe we've got the target market wrong.  
It'd probably fly better with chimps - although I can't be completely  
confident they'd be flattered to learn that their just like humans.

>  So, study the message.  Study the mechanisms by which people
>  are mis-understanding what you all are and what you think.  Correct
>  the message, if you are serious.

Why stop there? There must be some inconvenient laws of physics we  
can patch up while we're at it.

>  You might be a follower of atheism, rather than a leader.  If that
>  is the case, (and there's no shame in that,) then deliver this  
> message
>  to your leaders, and ask them what they can do.

There's no atheism to follow. It's not a fucking club. It doesn't  
have leaders. When I state the obvious "God doesn't exist"[1] I am an  
atheist because, bizarrely, the disease is so prevalent that we need  
a word for the healthy.

>  If they can't fix the message, find an atheist leader who *can.*

[1] And just to be gratuitously offensive and because I've always  
kinda wondered just what a thunderbolt feels like I'll throw in "and  
if he does he's probably a smelly old bastard who rapes angels"

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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