[FoRK] Final word on Gore's new book, and Bush in the bunker...

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Fri Jun 1 19:17:30 PDT 2007

Lost steam through the latter part of the book, mostly because of its  
flaws.  For anybody that's been tracking the rise of the Fourth Reich  
these last several years, there's nothing particularly new or  
insightful here, nor is the argument, really, more than a recitation  
--- sometimes shrill, often repetitive --- of the high crimes and  
misdemeanors that those of us who've been paying attention are  
already well aware of.  Perhaps a good overview for those that have  
been living in a cave for the last several years, but it's doubtful  
that they're going to be receptive to anything delivered by the  
author anyway.

I really hoped for more.  There's some good prose there, and an very  
comprehensive walk-through of problems and circumstances.  A decent  
indictment.  But I was hoping for something a bit more penetrating  
and analytical;  I'd really like to see somebody deal seriously with  
the cultural trends that have created a fertile environment for the  
demagoguery and manipulation Bush and the far right have worked so  
effectively over the last few years.  Bush didn't create that  
cultural stew;  he (or really, his puppet masters) have merely made  
good use of the situation they've found.  And globally we see similar  
trends;  somebody should really dig deep into this mass pathology and  
what relationship that might have to the derivative rate of change;   
I'd also like to see somebody really project that forward and try to  
figure out what risks these related trends pose to our species  
future, and what it will take to effectively mitigate those risks.

One more obligatory quote;  here Gore is succinctly making the point  
that I wish so many Bush supporters could "get" apropos our foreign  
policy, and the damage that's been done to it by this  
administration's phenomenal lack of understanding:

   "Our moral authority is, after all, our greatest source of  
enduring strength in the world."


In other news, this little tidbit hit the anti-Bush grapevine in the  
last day or two.  It's hearsay propagated by those with an agenda,  
but nonetheless --- sounds about right.  "In Meeting, ‘Wild-Eyed’  
Bush Thumped Chest While Repeating ‘I Am The President!'"


"[S]ome big money players up from Texas recently paid a visit to  
their friend in the White House. The story goes that they got out  
exactly one question, and the rest of the meeting consisted of The  
President in an extended whine, a rant, actually, about no one  
understands him, the critics are all messed up, if only people would  
see what he’s doing things would be OK…etc., etc. This is called a  
“bunker mentality” and it’s not attractive when a friend does it.  
When the friend is the President of the United States, it can be  
downright dangerous. Apparently the Texas friends were suitably  
appalled, hence the story now in circulation."


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