[FoRK] Brownback defines science

Lion Kimbro <lionkimbro at gmail.com> on Sat Jun 2 10:24:07 PDT 2007

On 6/2/07, Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:
> That's why I recommend adopting what I call the "right stance" ---
> indignation, contempt, scorn, condescension, intolerance, vitriol,
> demagoguery, etc. towards the religious.  Throw it right back at
> 'em.  Their delicate little feelings and their nutty little delusions
> have historically escaped that sort of thing entirely.  It's not a
> sell job, it's a shame job.  Look --- it's worked so well for the
> right wing around here (i.e., the US) of late.
> YMMV, but for my part, I think that approach is long overdue.

  Well, I respect your position.

  I disagree with you, but I understand how you got there, and can
  sympathize with your line of argument.

  I part with, "That's not how I was raised," and the belief that,
  "If you want to change the world, throw a better party."

  Who knows;  Perhaps the dual application of our strategies is
  what really works.

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