[FoRK] Brownback defines science

Lion Kimbro <lionkimbro at gmail.com> on Sat Jun 2 10:58:56 PDT 2007

  We can't do anything about "the great many people."

  I think most of us here are agreed in that-- Our emotions and
  lives and thoughts just aren't structured, such that one of us
  has the sort of character to go out, and change the world.

  And what we can't influence, we can't influence.  No point in
  fretting or wringing our hands over it.

  But I think that we can all, to our own person, make changes about
  how we think about things, and how we treat other people.

  I think the sea is turning on environmentalism.  I think people
  are deciding that they care, and that it's okay if Armageddon
  takes a few more decades to come.

  Powerful rich guys and politicians the world over are talking about
  the environment.  It's all over the papers.  It's "not going away."

  I think:  "Ask, and you shall receive."  People have gotten answers
  to questions before;  They'll get answers to their questions today.

  So I think we'll be fine.

  I always see in the futures studies things, "The forecasters who
  forecast from whatever panics are the rage of the day-- they're
  basically wrong."  The issues three decades down the line turn
  out to be quite different than what the people thought three
  decades before.  My understanding is that the popular sentiment
  in the 1950's was that humans wouldn't live to see the 2000's,
  if you caught them when they were worried about atomic
  weapons, or even brought the subject up slightly.

  We're very panicky creatures.

  I suspect the things we *really* "need" to worry about, we don't
  even know.  It just doesn't even touch the radar.

  I have faith.  {:)}=

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