Science, not Re: [FoRK] Brownback defines science

Lion Kimbro <lionkimbro at> on Sat Jun 2 11:22:09 PDT 2007

On 6/2/07, Stephen D. Williams <sdw at> wrote:
> > How to deeds and actions, by not being
> > dishonest in your thoughts and deeds such that you come off sounding
> > like an asshole used car salesman.
> Dishonesty is definitely out.  I think this refers to couching rationalism et al
> in ways that try to reuse the irrational frameworks and mantels that exist.
> That's probably a bad strategy, but it has worked to some extent in the past.  I
> always thought that Yoga was a good example.  Maybe Scientology is a bad example.

  I would absolutely not want anyone to say or do anything out of step
  with integrity.

  I think he's referring to the idea I had, of people going door to door,
  to say, "Would you like to have a conversation about these ideas?"

  I originally phrased it as, "Would you like to hear the Good News?
  Of our 13.7 billion year history?"

  Perhaps that's the right approach, perhaps that's not.  Likely some of
  us feel that it *is* good news, and likely some of us do *not.*  But I
  wouldn't want a person to think or say or do something that would be
  out of integrity for them.

  I'd like to try it out *at least once,* just for the sheer humor value,
  the sheer unexpectedness of the thing, and to see, "How would a
  person react?"

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