Science, not Re: [FoRK] Brownback defines science

Stephen D. Williams <sdw at> on Sat Jun 2 11:58:28 PDT 2007

Tom Higgins wrote:
> I think it is safe to say that going beyond any one religious
> viewpoint, going past any ideologies or is the
> force of unreason that needs to be full on body checked in order to
> stop the weakening of the very foundations that could get us out of so
> many problems we face today.

If we can stop repeating the outrage at considering something that sounded
possibly dishonest that was discarded many messages ago and has only been
brought up recently, as far as I can tell from a single reading, by those
railing against it,

What would be useful to discuss, and what we are trying to discuss through all
of the noise, is exactly "full on body checking ... the force of unreason".  We
are all in violent agreement that the only effective approach is complete
honesty in approaching it.  (That may or may not mean that various stylistic
choices are valid.)  Perhaps we can stop talking so much about what won't work?

> So i do not see how being dishonest in giving a thought to others
> helps in that, I do not see the value in being a slimy revisionist
> aids in making things better nd i do not feel that aiding in the
> spread of such anal leakage  does anything  but waste time and effort.

I've lost track of what specifically you are railing against here.  Loose and
flowery language perhaps, but I see no strong points made in the direction you
are opposing.

> or has been so well put PLONK
> -tomhiggins


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