[FoRK] Great Awakening

Jeffrey Winter <JeffreyWinter at crd.com> on Sun Jun 3 13:32:40 PDT 2007

Interesting tidbit from Sean Wilentz's "The Rise of American Democracy" (p.=

"Although the figures are sketchy, it appears that as few as one in ten Ame=
ricans were active church members in the unsettled aftermath of the America=
n Revolution.  The evangelizing that ensued proceeded, at first, in fits an=
d starts, but gathered tremendous momentum after 1825.  By the 1840s, the p=
reponderance of Americans - as many as eight in ten - were churched, chiefl=
y as evangelizing Methodists of Baptists (in the South) or as so-called New=
 school revivalist Presbyterians or Congregationalists (in the North.)  Wha=
t was, in 1787, a nation of nominal Christians - its public culture shaped =
more by Enlightenment rationalism than Protestant piety - had turned, by th=
e mid-1840s, into the most devoted evangelical Protestant nation on earth."

Highly recommended book chronicling the evolution of democracy and the rise=
 political parties in the U.S.

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