[FoRK] Re: [silk] The Demise Of The Dollar

Adam L Beberg <beberg at mithral.com> on Mon Jun 4 11:02:11 PDT 2007

Eugen Leitl wrote on 6/4/2007 12:21 AM:
> The U.S. dollar took a big hit last week. From Kuwait. On May 20, 
> Kuwait stopped pegging its currency, the dinar, to the U.S. dollar.
> You know your currency has become a 98-pound weakling when Kuwait can 
> kick sand on it.

Nobody with any sense is keeping assets in dollars anymore. All the 
usual billionaires ( like Buffet, Gates ) and governments and even US 
folks know whats coming and have stated as much. If you're still one of 
the fools holding dollars, pull your head out of your butt already and 
convert the dollars into anything else.

This topic is just boring, we're just sitting and waiting for the wild 
ride to start, wondering only when not why/how/what.

Adam L. Beberg

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