[FoRK] Should Exist: a new UNIX shell

Karl Anderson <kra at monkey.org> on Tue Jun 5 11:47:50 PDT 2007

"Tom Higgins" <tomhiggins at gmail.com> writes:

> I am probably getting this wrong at some points, but let me see if I
> can swing at this ball....
> Autodiscovery of tools....well there is tab completion:)- 

This is a start, but hasn't worked for me for years.  I was trying to
figure out what the X diagnostic/video mode tuner was, and all I
rememberd was that it started with 'x'... not helpful.  Eventually I
found out that I didn't have it installed, oops.

Emacs is a little better.  A good module names its interactive
commands hierarchically, with words separated by dashes.  I never
remember how to reformat bounced mail to send it again, but I know
that the reader is gnus and the context is the summary buffer, so I
type "gnus-summary-", hit tab to see a list of commands, append an "r"
(just fishing), hit tab again, and find
"gnus-summary-resend-bounced-mail".  Also, if there's a keybinding, it
tells me after I've run it.

> For those
> who use package managers I think a look thru the repository is a good
> start. Ubuntu does a nice job of giving the pure end user the tools to
> know what is, and what can be, on their system.

This is what I find the most helpful.  When I know a command that
seems related, I look for others in its package.  If what I want isn't
there, I look at what the debian repository recommends.  If I don't
find it there, I start searching the web on commands and package
names (although this should be considered a lose).

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