[FoRK] Re: [silk] The Demise Of The Dollar

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Tue Jun 5 17:20:00 PDT 2007

On Jun 5, 2007, at 9:16 AM, Jeff Bone wrote:

>> And remember there are real people behind those avatars. No  
>> guarantee on the actual gender of that virtual vixen, you know.

Two quick anecdotes, mentioned before but worth mentioning again...   
it's amusing to see waves of newbies relearn these lessons over, and  
over, and over...

Back in the early MUD days --- can't recall if this was TinyMUD or  
Islandia --- one of the early Fuzzy (Mike Mauldin, later of Lycos  
fame) chatterbots, Julia, was actually pursued for days by a newbie  
would-be suitor before he realized that she was an it.  As far as I'm  
concerned, the Turing Test was passed in, oh, 1990ish.  (In 2L, most  
of the "strippers" --- at least the ones just grinding on the poles,  
making the circuit --- in the clubs are in full-on zombie mode, i.e.  
player logs in, goes to the club, runs the script, then doesn't pay  
attention for hours.  Still folks who don't understand what's going  
on will try to strike up a conversation.)

Other bit, mentioned ages ago:

 > Usenet newsgroup when the same loss of innocence occurred?

TinyLesbianism.  1989, TinyMUD / TinyHELL:  people used same-gender  
the M/F ratio reflected reality, probably on the order of 30/1.  1990,
Islandia:  over a 3-month period, the ratio went to 40M/60F, perhaps  
even higher
on the female side.  Tinysex, particularly "F/F" became de rigueur.   
At some
point, most of the male geeks playing female personas having tinysex  
with other
"females" realized that their partners were probably also pimply guys  
hanging in
a university computer lab somewhere.  Over a period of days, the  
ratio reverted to something like it had been before.

Disclaimer:  I never ran a female persona on Islandia, I wasn't in  
college at
the time, and I didn't have acne.  :-)


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