[FoRK] Brownback defines science

Steve Nordquist <Saigua at sbcglobal.net> on Wed Jun 6 23:07:10 PDT 2007

Lion>   Humans are uniquely amazing.

We will see.  The patent review process (for non-biological patents,) just got a new gas supply for poking obviousness sticks into the box o' claims.  Will mere Dean Kamens and augmented humans be able to have unique (protected) thoughts?

Is Sam Brownback's backlog of ribaldly dumb statements so far in the past that they are non-obvious now?  This is a new wrinkle in wisdom from 60-80yo...as is saying that he is sure of his methods in a less-than-circumspect way rather than an evangelical christian fascist, demonstrated and willing to forge populism into public atrocity.  He's still a Senator after several DOJ investigations?  And Court admonishments?  (Haha.  Okay, got me there.)  From Topeka.

Plonk?  Oh yes, it's probably all the aerospace nano-atheist firms (actually just Christians with good rational methods groundings) in the region.  Go nanoguys!  Survive 07Q2!  These are launch calendars, not Bingo Lotto Game Tickets!

Lion's emergent statement that an atheist agenda has to come out if present and speculative planets are to develop life well seems valid.  MacOS X only goes up to network level 11 or so, after all.  If more people understood composting and EMACS...well, there would be filmic musical distributed bustup of forest wreckers, on the downside.  They try SEO to escape their impending fates, but the ones who do not adapt in time are met with several undoings.

And one more thing...the iTransformativeBath.

apologies if this recapitulates Daily KOS or something.

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