[FoRK] Open Question: Earth vs. ______?

Lion Kimbro <lionkimbro at gmail.com> on Thu Jun 21 17:07:33 PDT 2007

  I have an open question for FoRK:

  I'm going to go to a conference with a bunch of greeners.

  I'll guess that roughly 1/4 - 1/2 of these people think something
  along the lines of:

  * It's vital to the survival of life on Earth that humans reframe
    their thinking about the world, to be more respectful of
    nature, Earth, animals, plantlife, etc.,.
  * Humans are messing up the Earth.

  I'll bet that these same people, on their dark days, think:
  * Nothing good comes of humans.
  * Technology is, itself, a horrible, evil thing.
  * Thing's'll be a whole lot better when we're hunting deer
    beneath the smoldering remains of what were once
    highways, despite the horrible toll on human life to get
  * Science has only brought us suffering.

  The first couple points ("It's vital to the survival of life...") and
  ("Humans are messing up the Earth") I'm sympathetic to.

  What really hurts me are hearing those last 4 points.
  (Well, their "genre.")

  These people are like the moon- they have a light side,
  and a dark side, and they keep that dark side hidden.
  But it's there, and we all know it's there.
  Which is fine;  We all have are dark side.  Regardless.

  Now, I know we tend to think in terms of polarities, ...

  So, the problem is, if you ask someone,
  "What's the opposite of EARTH," where by "Earth" we're
  not talking about dirt, but rather, "Nature, the green & blue
  & brown planet Earth, the thing that we all came from,"
  and so on, ...

  The image that immediately springs to mind is:
  Technology, machines, robots, AI, and so on.


  What's our (technologists, transhumanists, and so on)
  answer to that?

  How do you make stories that aren't
  "Earth vs. Human & Technology?"

  I'm not asking for well reasoned arguments here, and so on;
  I have no dearth of those in my toolbox.
  We're talking mythology and imagination here.

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