[FoRK] Poll: I would rather my daughter married a Muslim than an Atheist

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Fri Jun 22 11:50:58 PDT 2007

On 6/22/07, Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:
> The scientific method --- or more generally, rationalism --- is the
> only rock for finding answers to any question that has an objective
> answer or requires agreement among individuals.
> For all other questions, you're on your own.

When i was a kid, maybe 8 or so, I blew up our toilet bowl. My dad had
given me a chemistry set and I was going to town one night mixing
things like the directions told me I should to get this and this
result. Problem was I was convinced I could make a nice small poof
with a little of this and that..so i tinkered some believing in my own
devising  and not heeding the warnings on the little bottles. The
vessel i was using began to bubble up in a way I thought was not too
much fun..i panicked and tossed the whole thing into the toilet. As
soon as it hit the water there was a loud bang, really loud. When i
was able to see the room again after getting up from the floor I
noticed the crack in the part of the toilet near the floor..living in
an apt I knew this was trouble big t.

I think that was the point in my life that I realized that the
scientific method, something I had thought I knew about before, was
really and truly a good way to tackle things:)- Faith in something is
all great and glorious praise bob until you hit the wall and then its
back to the method or down the path of empty brambles and every
increasing excuses why its not as you suppose it should be.

It is vitally important to  suppose, be creative, dream and spin out
of the air all manner of things , but without the method to make it
take shape all those things were simple masturbatory pleasures without
much lasting results.

As even my youngest knows  "Cookies are a sometime food"

To quote one of the sages "it might feel good, sound a little
somthing, but damn the game if it dont mean nothing." CR

Pseudo Science is all about feeling good and saying a little
somthing...but mostly its about nothing...Yes folks can be made to do
all sorts of things if they are made to feel good, to be told all the
things they want to hear. You can craft a message and get folks to
fork over their earnings, to debase themselves in the name of what
they are made to believe is a greater go(o)d, will even try tor
rationalize these things beyond and below the scope.

This of course does not make the things they are being sold "really
real" not even if they really really want them to be so. Desperation
does not add heft to facts, it only looks and smells desperate.

Pseudo scientists are a funny breed. They have to walk like this and
talk like that, straddled in enough of things to make the sale of
whatever snake oil they are pushing. Its easier to do this if you get
the masses to base things on a few "obvious" factions.

1) Everything is possible in the wonderful wide world. To make a thing
or be a thing you have to simply allow yourself a connection to this
infinite wonderment....

2) Many people get "lost" and loose the true path. Therefore many need
to be guided thru the infinite magical lands of rock candy
mountain...so be happy they are there to guide you.

3) If others tell you your guide is full of hooey they are being nay
sayers, unclear, not true believers, limiters of your infinite
greatness . Do not mind that man behind the curtain.

4) "Science" has been perverted by limiters, by people who will tell
you that you are not a special and unique snowflake , blow holy tribal
smoke of the real warrior up your butt and in short might tell you
that things may not be as you dream them up.

5) So listen to your guides, shun the unbelivers and remember to think
differnt..just like your guide tells you to.

Science and the method there of is a bit resistant to that bullshit
and thus is something the bullshitter hates, must discredit and
further bury so that they can spread their bullshit to grow whatever
facts they want. This is why Galileo was imprisoned, why various power
structures who seek to control all of  ur paradigms are willing to
kill at will and gulag when needed in order to keep the power bases
tied exclusively into their line of facts.

So when you see the prowling flip flop of desperate wannabes, realize
that it requires acceptance to make it so. Feeding draws in acceptance
if in no other regard than observation (cat, box, dead or alive (you
spin me right round))

"Nonsense perseveres" CR


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