[FoRK] my next mobile

Luis Villa <luis at tieguy.org> on Mon Jul 9 10:18:47 PDT 2007

On 7/9/07, Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 09, 2007 at 12:43:39PM -0400, Luis Villa wrote:
> > I believe that they are now saying $450 for the October rev.
> That's a good price, especially if bought with EURos.
> How long the battery time with GPS, though? And which
> navigation solution? I hope it's not just gpsdrive,
> Wayfinder has spoiled me rotten.

No clue, though I can say that I'm hearing bad things about the state
of the software load. For a project of this scope they're apparently
way understaffed, and they can't really harness any community
contributions until there is hardware released.

Nokia's approach may be stratospherically expensive (think of 770 as
alpha, N800 as beta 1, etc.) but may be the only reasonable approach
to get community involvement in a situation where the hardware is not


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