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B.K. DeLong <bkdelong at pobox.com> on Mon Jul 9 17:46:19 PDT 2007

Speaking of archiving, I'm rather bemused that folks in the
information security divisions are going through what those of us in
Web standards see as "old hat" -

* the first being secure application design frameworks - baking
security in at the early design phase rather than as an afterthought.
Those in web accessibility, WaSP and other Web standards initiatives
will recognize that effort. Been there, done that.

* The second, (more appropriate to the discussion at hand), is data
classification. In order to put in place a robust data
protection/leakage prevention solution, one needs to know where the
data is. Most regulation these days also requires a strong knowledge
of all digital assets and information.

So a lot of corporate information security, risk management and
audit/compliance groups are seeking to develop classifications that at
least meet regulation requirements and back-markup all their old data
plus put in place systems and solutions for business owners to educate
their staff on standards for data classification.

Let's hope they don't reinvent the wheel completely. Or that those of
us metadata, Semantic Web wonks take advantage of this regulatory
requirement to annotate EVERYTHING and encourage more robust knowledge
management solutions to be put in place for the good of the company's
long term vision....


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