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Lion Kimbro <lionkimbro at> on Mon Jul 9 18:32:20 PDT 2007

  I appreciate your humoring this conversation,
  and I look forward to responding, but there's just
  one question I have to jet out before I take my
  daughter home --

On 7/9/07, Jeff Bone <jbone at> wrote:
> >  I guess you have to have a name like "Ray Kurzweil" or
> >  "Alan Turing" to hold this view and still be tolerated in polite
> >  circles, or arm yourself to the teeth, like David Chalmers.
> I find it hilarious, really, that you think the points you are
> attempting to make have any similarity to the viewpoints of any of
> the people you mentioned.  How odd that you would, like me, assert
> that your own viewpoint has something in common with any of theirs
> --- when it apparently is, ultimately, in conflict.

  Why do you say this, and where is the perceived conflict?

  I'm basing alignment with Turing based on some papers I read
  of his, but he has a great breadth, and maybe I missed something
  important he wrote later on.

  But Ray Kurzweil?  I've read too much of him, and I think it's clear
  that he agrees with me.

  Why do you think there is so much deviation?

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