[FoRK] Why is there any experience of it, at all? (was: GEB, etc.)

Russell Turpin <deafbox at hotmail.com> on Mon Jul 9 19:21:34 PDT 2007

Lion Kimbro:
>Zombies have rich, inner lives, as per subjectivity2. There are no lights 
>on inside though; Nothing is experiencing those rich inner lives.

I'm not sure where this fits into your two varieties of subjectivity,
but it seems clear to me that at least the component of the zombie's
mind that directs communication is observing the other components of
its mind, about which it is communicating, including its sensations.
That doesn't deny the physicalism that philosophical zombies are
designed to challenge. I just think it is a mistake to say that there
is no part of the zombie experiencing any part of its inner life. It
seems clear to me, from the zombie's behavior, that were I able to
tease apart its computational architecture, I would indeed sensibly
talk about parts of it observing its various sensations, integrating
them into its cognitive framework, and using that to communicate
sensibly about that inner life.

I understand that that doesn't answer the hard questions, whether that
experience is anything like my subjective experience. Or yours. But
that question cuts both ways. I have no proof that I am not a
philosophical zombie.

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