[FoRK] Why is there any experience of it, at all? (was: GEB, etc.)

Elias Sinderson <elias at soe.ucsc.edu> on Tue Jul 10 08:46:38 PDT 2007

Lion Kimbro wrote:
> [...] And thus, it lies explained.
Exactly.   :)
> The problem here, is that we have two phenomenon, which are different, 
> "the subjective experience," and: "the neural correlates of 
> consciousness."
Blaarrgh, why must you insist on creating this duality? Really now, the 
neural correlates /are/ the experience.
> Make no doubts that these are two completely different conceptual things
Yes, different conceptual things, but it is the /concept/ that is the 
(false) distinction, not the things themselves.
> [...] we can easily conceive of neurons, doing their thing, but 
> without any actual inner experience of consciousness;  Merely rote 
> calculation and transmission and  chemical influence and so on. 
> Between these two things, there lies an explanatory gap. It is not filled.
But you see, dear Lion, it is not a situation of 'one or the other', but 
both simultaneously. I, for one, am rather pleased that the vast 
majority of my 'rote calculation and transmission' are not elevated to 
the level of conscious experience; far too much to be bothered with when 
there are sonnets to write.  ;)

Do consider what life would be like without the ability to form 
memories... Rather zombie-like, eh?


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