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Lion Kimbro <lionkimbro at> on Tue Jul 10 10:42:10 PDT 2007

  Okay -- Jeff Bone, we have to back up:

  What is your definition of computationalism?

  When you've told me, I can tell you what I think about it,
  and then we can discuss, whether I agree with it, hold it plausible,
  or not.

On 7/10/07, Jeff Bone <jbone at> wrote:
> I deny that there is a hard problem because
> I believe, as the hard COMP folks do, that experience is axiomatic.

  Wait --

  You hold experience to be axiomatic?

  Welcome, brother!

  *IF* you hold experience to be axiomatic, and you say,
  "this is just the way the universe works,"  *then* I am perfectly
  okay with you.

  You have a story that bridges the explanatory gap.

  You say, "Well, it's fundamental to the nature of the universe,
  that computational sequences that go, something like this,
  are automatically associated with an experience of whatever
  it is that's in the computation, ..."

  That's your story, that's your explanation, and that's your
"fundamental force."

  When you make it axiomatic, and you say, "I *think* this is true,"

  I have no beef with you.

  At all.

  We should then proceed to, "What patterns of computation
  do we think are required for experience?"  That's a neat question,
  and I'd love to go into that.

  But we can leave the explanatory gap, because we've crossed it
  with an axiom.

  That's totally cool with me.

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