[FoRK] Page views...

Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Thu Jul 12 19:49:39 PDT 2007

You didn't indicate whether you were CPU, I/O, or bandwidth limited.
For the first two:

Also, all non-static sites should be using memcached at one or more

If it's simple bandwidth, then you want to replicate to multiple
co-location sites.  The details will vary depending on the application.


Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> Adam L Beberg wrote:
>> Turns out one of my web pages is getting 2,500 hits a day, which
>> could eventually be a problem.
> Which one?
>> Any suggestions other then highly related Amazon ads? And no, the
>>  evil Google empire is not an option.
> Amazon EC2 if the traffic is bursty in any predictable way. You can
> bring up as many instances as desired, then shut them down.
> On the other hand, I've seen some evidence of cooperative reverse
> caching that might make sense.
> sdw

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