[FoRK] Form factor implies application; a new class of semi-mobile devices emerges?

Steve Nordquist <saigua at sbcglobal.net> on Sun Jul 15 16:53:36 PDT 2007

jb>  nobody actually does any significant data entry  on these things, even e.g. the Blackberry.  Short e-mails, notes-to-self, SMS texts, and so forth --- sure.  But nobody's writing novels or coding or so forth.

We totally should.  Somehow loafing in the car and lot before (possibly) forced context switches feels inelegant and dignity-challenged.

jb> Given this, it needs to be fully read-write...  and  despite many attempts at handwriting recognition, e-ink, and so on,  nothing beats a keyboard 

Darn it, HandWorks' TouchStream is off market, leaving the Apple Boule and VR research ghettoes.
e-Ink is going well...oops, not even 87% brightness really, but 50% is better than the Sony eBook's 30%.  Lightguide matte mounts anyone?  Nemoptic/Seiko has something out.  So where is my 1500lpi perpetual PostScript-4  post-it?

QSI Corp's Infinitouch promises...well it's on TCA tollbooth screens, Immersion has Touchsense Tactile feedback sensibilities lined up, RPO has Digital Waveguide touch (how about a less-pat design to apply them ?)  SeeReal is on the wagon to improve display utility (w/ viewer tracking and field depth ascriptions)  Absolute junk OLED examples (QVGA?!  Are those who did not defeat Super Mario Bros. doomed to repeat it?) from Sony and Micro Emissive Display Group, tho Sony's bends a bit:

and hope for the iThumbapalooza!

jb> So here's the question:  is Palm's Foleo entry actually interesting  to anybody on-list?
(Disclaimer: I use an NR70V Clie a little.  If it had a cellphone tchotchke with an accelerometer thing, that could do it better than the chiclet board.)
No, because the resolution and contrast ratio bite.  I would carry a 40lb. portfolio-size bag (rifle case, whatever) just to have ePaper or plasma 2300x1700.  I uh...eat in a lot.
No, because the same people who will not read a book unless it is a paperback they can fold in a certain way (or a telephone with which the same actions are emulated) will see and share nothing.
No, because I'll fumble it in an intersection or on a tram or something.  Sony took (takes) too few design risks with their anonymous telescreen laptops....

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