[FoRK] Form factor implies application;a new class of semi-mobile devices emerges?

strata at virtual.net <strata at virtual.net> on Mon Jul 16 10:39:09 PDT 2007


I purchased one of the webpads mentioned in the article URL'd above, the one 
with the handle on top and pull-out keyboard.  It has a Cisco part and marque 
number, by which I guess that Cisco acquired Whipsaw, the original maker.  The 
form factor is quite distinctive!

The guy I bought it from, for $15 or so, had a couple more; he'd gotten them in 
trade from some other swap-meet dealer.  I wish I'd gotten two.  Mine boots, 
and talks somewhat to my linksys wireless router, but wants some kind of proxy 
host as an intermediary to deal with doing web lookups.  I haven't fiddled much 
with it.  

My vision for its use is precisely the kind of 'reference  notebook' that Jeff is 
describing.   So yeah, the form factor is very important, imho.


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