[FoRK] my dream mailing list software

Douglas F. Calvert <douglist at anize.org> on Mon Jul 16 21:50:54 PDT 2007

Luis Villa wrote:
> Inspired by Yet Another FoRK thread I care not a whit about...
> When are we going to get mailing list software that is smarter than
> your average rock? Something that does something other than 'pass all
> messages to all members.'
> Take this current ongoing thread.
I would like to add the following to the wishlist:

I often want to point out a thread on a mailing list to someone who is not subscribed to the
list. In order to do this I have to leave my MUA and go to one of the big list archiving
websites to find a URL. I actually have to search for something that is right before my eyes.
If mailman has the audacity to duplicate a bunch of data already in the headers why not include
a link?

Does this exist and I am clueless?


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