[FoRK] [TRAVELMAN] Hmm... Virgin America 'day after' seats...

rkhare at gmail.com <rkhare at gmail.com> on Fri Jul 20 05:47:12 PDT 2007

Well, I have a 24hr hold on a first class seat on the *9th* of august ;) $500 or so; $250 in coach. 1 fc left @7a and 2 at 6:35p departures; I held the dinnertime flt and now I have 6 hrs in UA ps biz to mull it over... (The miles! The miles! Sigh.... 1K is going to be hard enough to maintain without these dalliances))

What are your flight plans?? :) any other forkers catching the inaugural out of SFO? It's a pretty geeky airline! :





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