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Paul Jimenez <pj at place.org> on Tue Jul 24 19:48:36 PDT 2007

Luis Villa wrote:
>On 7/24/07, Danny O'Brien <danny at spesh.com> wrote:
>> On Mon, Jul 23, 2007 at 11:18:51AM -0500, Jeff Bone wrote:
>> >
>> > I'm somewhat sympathetic to the direction of that argument, though;
>> > I have an ongoing debate with a good friend who believes very
>> > passionately that there's a huge opportunity for a unified "run-on-
>> > your-own-server" complete set of integrated Web apps that combine
>> > e.g. social networking (p2p, FOAF), OpenID, the normal PIM stuff,
>> > etc.  Sort of a Wordpress-like bundle-o-apps.
>> Oho, put me in contact with this person. I am bending the same way
>> (I'm not sure it's a viable commercial proposition, but I am sure the
>> pendulum is about to swing once again away from centralised apps, and
>> I'm fascinated to see what others think about the extent.)
>No, no, bring them here. I think this is a very interesting space too
>(though also count me as skeptical in the commercial-viability camp.)

Ahem. You rang? :) I admit to babbling at JB a fair bit about building
distributed friendster/flickr/blog/personal web services on top of what
didn't-exist-at-the-time-but-is-now-OpenID. I even cobbled a little foaf
server together with a crappy (but general, and generated straight from
the rdf ontology) UI for inputting data. I got as far as the distributed
auth problem before running out of steam trying to implement a scheme
very similar to OpenID.

>Note that in the broader world I'm
>working on an open services definition:
>which has been discussed here before.

Interesting. I'd love to be able to pick my services by which ones are
'FOSD Compliant', just like Debian only picks software that's DFSG-Free.

>Also, possibly of interest is the recent open-sourcing of connector,
>which does calendaring/mail/document sharing/shared tagging stuff and
>looks pretty nice (though I haven't actually installed it yet.)

Also interesting. I'll have to take a look at it. Another of my
interests is open hardware - I'm eagerly awaiting the Octoberish release
of FIC's Neo1973 v2 with wifi. I wonder how well connector would work as
a 640x480 webapp? With source available, I can at least try and make it
work. Without it there's no hope.

Always hopeful,


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