[FoRK] Toes back in the water..where to start

Luis Villa <luis at tieguy.org> on Mon Aug 6 10:27:34 PDT 2007

On 8/6/07, Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> wrote:
> Having done round one of getting back into the job market (acceptance that
> after 3 years out of the fray I am way behind on jingosim and mucking with
> newer tech) I have started up a dev server and am banging away on getting up
> to speed.  Its fun to look at whats happened in the last 3 years, I am glad
> some of the early lessons were taken to heart and  the of knocking the data
> from the process from the pretty generated pages has been done up.
> I have just this morning installed Django on an ubuntu server, so far i like
> it but i can see where it would make a mess in a large scale environ. Struts
> and RoR are on my list as well.
> What i want to get a sense of from the fork crowd is what are the strengths
> vs weaknesses of the various webfangledframeworks/mvc/whathave you options
> out there.

four or five cents on rails:
* plus side: don't need much in the way of docs. down side: what docs
there are blow.
* plus side: allows you to do incredible things quickly. down side: if
you see a cool project in rails, odds are high it is unfinished and
unmaintained, as some kid did it in two days and then forgot about it.
Seeing similar levels of cool in C indicates years of commitment and
hence implies further years of maintenance/finish/etc.
* plus side: lots of magic makes hard things easy. down side: lots of
magic makes really hard things impossible.

Bottom line for me:
me: 'hello, person who replaced me at my last job. Nice to meet you.'
person who replaced me: 'when they hired me, I cursed you because
you'd chosen rails, and I'd never worked with ruby, but now I love it.
Thank you so much- it makes life so easy.'

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