[FoRK] The Japanese do get cooler gadgets than we do

Ken Meltsner <meltsner at alum.mit.edu> on Mon Aug 6 19:30:04 PDT 2007

OK -- my Japanese skills are non-existent, not just minimal.  But the
EMOBILE EM-ONE is definitely the coolest handheld thingie I've seen

The web page lists it as supporting HSDPA (magic initialism for
wireless broadband) at 3.6 Mb/s as well as WiFi.  Sadly, this means
it's tied to UMTS which has limited penetration in the US.  Camera,
video, MP3s, etc.  Not a phone, so I guess the iPhone is safe for now.


The gadget has a really clear screen -- 800x 480, color, 4.1" wide
screen .  Base price is 40K yen; not sure what the 71K and 95K models
get you (no Japanese skills, remember).  That's about $340, I believe.
 The monthly service (described as ADSL in Roman characters) is
~$20/month, although this may be a teaser price.  It's made by Sharp:


There are tie-ins with Gmail and Google Maps.

Also sadly, it is Windows-based and include Outlook and the rest of
the happy MS Mobile Office suite.  As are the tiny Vaio handhelds*,
but that's kind of obvious.

*  Except for the ones that run a hacked version of Mac OS X.

Ken Meltsner

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